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Since 1991, E&P Learning Place has delivered learning solutions to more than 50,000 learners in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. With our established methodology and extensive experience, our learners have generally demonstrated improvements within 9 to 12 consecutive months with us.

With the strong continual support from our learners and partners, we aspire to extend our outreach of affordable and accessible learning solutions beyond Asia.

Why E&P

At E&P Learning Place, your child will be taught and nurtured by the best teachers in their field of expertise. Classes are deliberately kept small and learning schedules flexible so your child can learn and progress at a comfortable pace, encouraging them to continue to explore and excel further.

Psychology is incorporated into our programmes, enabling us to create an engaging environment to keep your child interested in learning. Besides classes, they will also get to access additional materials and experience blended learning approach via our e-learning platform.

Not only will your child achieve academic excellence, you will also notice the stark improvement in their behaviour and attitude under our guidance.

What We Do
At E&P, our goal is not only to enhance learners’ analytical skills and their appreciation of the skill sets acquired to their learning in academic subjects, and in life, but also build character in the young students.

We believe learning is a journey with learning milestones set strategically along the way to inspire learners to continue to excel.

Each learner is unique and should be given the opportunity to learn at an appropriate and comfortable pace. We ensure that the individual’s interest is constantly engaged and we want to make learning a fun experience!

With our extensive experience in helping learners realise their potential and in-depth knowledge of how the human brain works, we have successfully implemented our proven proprietary learning solutions for more than 50,000 learners since 1991.

Depending on the learner's unique needs and objectives, we aim to stretch his or her lifelong learning potential to the fullest with strategic milestones, strong rapport with the parents, proven proprietary learning solutions and dedicated teachers.

Our Programmes

At E&P Learning Place, we believe every child is different and their pace and style of learning varies. We work closely with parents on their child’s development together with learner centric solutions. Our formula has proven to greatly enhance our student’s learning capability, setting them for future success.

Improve your child’s number sense
Let your child take on the life skills
Lead your child to academic excellence
Psychological Counselling & Assessments
Understand your child’s strength and weaknesses in learning
Happy Parents
Very grateful to the teachers who helped mould my daughter's character and hone her mental arithmetic skills.
Rosalind Thor - Student’s Mother
My children’s math improved tremendously after attending the M.Arithematic programme. Before attending, my daughter was at the bottom in class for math. Now, she is number two in class. My son topped his class in math. My children developed their love of math and enjoy attending classes here. We are grateful to E&P Learning Place and especially Ms Gan for such great results.
Ana Pandey - Student’s Mother
Ms Gan improved my children Calculation level incredibly. Before attending M.Arithemetic, my daughter was at the bottom in class for math. Now she is number two in class. My son topped his class in math. We are very grateful to E & P Learning Place for such great results and especially to Ms Gan. Ms Gan is the kindest & nicest teachers I have seen. We love coming here and my children love maths because of Ms Gan.
Ana Maria Pandey - Student’s Mother
“Smart Maths” reinforces mathematical concepts learnt in school, thereby builds my child’s confidence in handling/tackling various types of questions. This program also provides customisation to suit & strengthen the ability of each student. It helps greatly when there are good, professional & dedicated teachers like Ms Seah. She makes learning fun, interactive & effective. She is always responsive to my child’s queries in Maths and encourages my child to think through rather than gives her ready solutions. Under Ms Seah’s care & guidance, my child has improved tremendously in her Maths, from band 3 in SA1 to Band 1 in SA2 Pri4. Thanks you, Ms Seah, for your patience and effort.
Mrs Tan C.F. - Student’s Mother
We offer trial lessons for children for our M.Arithmetic™, Braineee™, and SMART+Maths™ programmes. Contact us for your preferred class timing schedule!