Who We Are

Since 1991, E&P Learning Place has delivered learning solutions to more than 50,000 learners in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. With our established methodology and extensive experience, our learners have generally demonstrated improvements within 9 to 12 consecutive months with us.

As the leader in learner-centric learning solutions in Southeast Asia, our credentials include:

First to achieve ISO 9002 in the world
The first children enrichment centre to achieve the ISO 9002 certification (ISO 9002) in the world.
First to receive accreditation in Singapore
First to receive the accreditation as a qualified Abacus & Mental Arithmetic training centre by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore. Our founder, Ms Amanda Lian, also served as the adviser to MOE in the establishment of their abacus accreditation system.
First representative in Southeast Asia
First representative recognised by the International Abacus Association in Southeast Asia.
The official host of 18 competitive events
A total of about 31,000 participants (including those from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia), making it the largest competitive event of its kind in Singapore.
The most comprehensive suite of psychological assessment tools in Singapore (excluding MOE and hospitals)
Conducted psychological assessments for about 3,000 students since 2000.
Become member of several organization related to children
A member of the Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Association, Taiwan Sandplay Therapy Association, American Psychology Association, American Education Research Association and World Council for Gifted & Talented Children.

With the strong continual support from our learners and partners, we aspire to extend our outreach of affordable and accessible learning solutions beyond Asia.

Our Methodology
We first engage the learner’s interest so as to identify the learning opportunities
Depending on the different needs of our learners, our robust curriculum, comprehensive materials, innovative tools and learner-centric teaching approaches are ready to deliver results. We constantly improve our curriculum and materials to ensure our learners benefit from a win + win partnership with E&P.
We then explore the various learning solutions to fulfill the learner’s learning objectives and desired outcomes.
We are one of few education service providers in Singapore with the most comprehensive suite of assessments. Our globally recognised assessments are developed by leading psychological experts and conducted by our principal assessor who has more than two decades of practical experiences.
At this stage, we implement approaches for a learner who is ready to excel and inspire by lifelong learning.
To inspire our young learners to learn, our programmes are specially designed to be fun and enjoyable. We are also developing our online learning portal and rolling out adult learning programmes for our learners.
What We Do

At E&P, our goal is not only to enhance learners’ analytical skills and their appreciation of the skill sets acquired to their learning in academic subjects, and in life, but also build character in the young students.

We believe learning is a journey with learning milestones set strategically along the way to inspire learners to continue to excel.

Each learner is unique and should be given the opportunity to learn at an appropriate and comfortable pace. We ensure that the individual’s interest is constantly engaged and we want to make learning a fun experience!

With our extensive experience in helping learners realise their potential and in-depth knowledge of how the human brain works, we have successfully implemented our proven proprietary learning solutions for more than 50,000 learners since 1991.

Depending on the learner's unique needs and objectives, we aim to stretch his or her lifelong learning potential to the fullest with strategic milestones, strong rapport with the parents, proven proprietary learning solutions and dedicated teachers.

Our Centres
Head Office
402 Orchard Road
#04-07/13 Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876