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At E&P Learning Place, we believe every child is different and their pace and style of learning varies. We work closely with parents on their child’s development together with learner centric solutions. Our formula has proven to greatly enhance our student’s learning capability, setting them for future success.
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M. Arithmetic™
Improve your child's number sense

Formerly known as the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic course, M.Arithmetic™ covers basic elementary operations where students use an imaginary abacus to solve mathematical questions from one to six digits. 

At E&P Learning Place, classes are conducted in a lively manner to engage students constantly. Students enjoy personalized attention and are assessed individually by teachers, so they can progress according to their learning ability.

Benefits of the programme includes;

  • Improved memory and visualisation skills
  • Strengthened skill sets in visual comprehension, mnemonic techniques, auditory and kinaesthetic learning
  • Acquire excellent calculation skillsand reducing reliance on electronic devices
  • Build strong foundation and gain greater confidence in Mathematics
  • Foster resilience in problem-solving
strengthen skill sets
in visual, mnemonic, auditory and kinaesthetic
excellent calculation skills
and greater confidence in Mathematics
foster resilience
in problem-solving

With M.Arithmetic, basic elementary operations will be a breeze!

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Suitable from age 4 onwards.

*Flexible learning arrangements.

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Very grateful to the teachers who helped mould my daughter's character andhone her mental arithmetic skills
Rosalind Thor, Parent

My children’s math improved tremendously after attending the M.Arithematic programme. Before attending, my daughter was at the bottom in class for math. Now, she is number two in class. My son topped his class in math. My children developed their love of math and enjoy attending classes here. We are grateful to E&P Learning Place and especially Ms Gan for such great results
Ana Pandey, Parent

Ms Gan improved my children Calculation level incredibly. Before attending M.Arithemetic, my daughter was at the bottom in class for math. Now she is number two in class. My son topped his class in math. We are very grateful to E & P Learning Place for such great results and especially to Ms Gan. Ms Gan is the kindest & nicest teachers I have seen. We love coming here and my children love maths because of Ms Gan.
Ana Maria Pandey, Parent
Bella, Child, 9 years old
Rafael, Child, 5 years old
Let your child take on the life skills

Braineee™ programme is based on the principles of brain development and child psychology to improve a child’s overall cognitive development, making learning easier and faster in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Students of Braineee programme are able to:

  • Maintain an overall balance of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, enabling them to be in the best learning state at all times
  • Develop multi-sensory learning (includes auditory, visual, tactile and kinaesthetic) which helps to recognise, understand and process information
  • Improve their learning skills such as concentration, observation, association, memory, reading, comprehension and creativity

The tools and activities developed for this programme will help to identify an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement during the learning process. You will also get to facilitate some activities at home so you can gain new perspectives on your child’s abilities.

improve learning skills
such as concentration, observation, association, memory, reading, comprehension and creativity
maintain brain balance
between right and left to be at the best learning state at all times
develop multi-sensory
learning model which helps to better perceive and understand information and efficiently identify the key learning points

Realise what your child can do in the future!

Suitable for age 4 to 14.

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Lead your child to academic excellence

SMARTkids+Maths is developed to be aligned with Singapore’s Ministry of Education's (MOE) Mathematics syllabus. Complementary with our M.Arithmetic Programme, SMARTkids+Maths programme aims to help students apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills to his school work and examinations.

With SMARTkids+maths your child can look forward to

  • Understanding and identifying his strengths and weakness in Mathematics
  • Gaining a strong understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Inculcating positive habits and skills for knowledge acquisition and application
  • Developing a love for mathematics beyond school
set SPECIFIC goals
and achieve it in a TIMELY manner
develop METHODICAL steps
to define problems
ASSESS different ways
to solve problems and be RESULTS-driven
Achieve academic excellence with SMART+™ Approach!
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Suitable for age 4 and above.
*Flexible learning arrangements.
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Watch what parents have said about us!

“Smart Maths” reinforces mathematical concepts learnt in school, thereby builds my child’s confidence in handling/tackling various types of questions. This program also provides customisation to suit & strengthen the ability of each student.
It helps greatly when there are good, professional & dedicated teachers like Ms Seah. She makes learning fun, interactive & effective. She is always responsive to my child’s queries in Maths and encourages my child to think through rather than gives her ready solutions. Under Ms Seah’s care & guidance, my child has improved tremendously in her Maths, from band 3 in SA1 to Band 1 in SA2 Pri4.
Thanks you, Ms Seah, for your patience and effort.
Mrs Tan C.F., Parent
Tan Hsin Yee, Child, 10 years old
Psychological Counselling & Assessments
Understand your child's strengths and weaknesses in learning

A psychological assessment evaluates a child’s thinking, learning pattern and behaviour. Our assessments are developed by leading psychology experts and globally recognised. Assessments are adapted to local culture and context and conducted by experienced assessors at E&P Learning Place.

Assessments are helpful in identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses,leading to recommendations for both academic and behavioural intervention.

An assessment can be used to assist in planning for your child’s academic program as well as identifying any additional learning support required when learning challenges are detected.

Our assessment includes;

  • Identify underlying learning issues such aspoor concentration, poor auditory memory and visual memory and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.)
  • Testing of Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Using tools such as Parenting Stress Index to understand parents' role and influence on their child’s learning environment
  • Counselling and therapy

We possess the most comprehensive suite of psychological assessment tools (next to MOE and hospitals) in Singapore and have conducted over 3,000 assessments since 2000.

underlying learning issues
such as poor concentration, poor AV memory, child's IQ, etc
learner-centric milestones
based on child's progression in our programme
parent's roles and influence
on the child's learning environment
Realise what your child can do in the future!
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