Why E&P

At E&P Learning Place, your child will be taught and nurtured by the best teachers in their field of expertise. Classes are deliberately kept small and learning schedules flexible so your child can learn and progress at a comfortable pace, encouraging them to continue to explore and excel further.

Psychology is incorporated into our programmes, enabling us to create an engaging environment to keep your child interested in learning. Besides classes, they will also get to access additional materials and experience blended learning approach via our e-learning platform.

Not only will your child achieve academic excellence, you will also notice the stark improvement in their behaviour and attitude under our guidance.

About Us

E&P Learning Place is founded in Singapore by Ms Amanda Lian and have been enriching children’s life since 1991.

Our classes are deliberately kept small and curriculums carefully designed to get students excited about learning and attending lessons, ultimately developing genuine passion and interest in the programme undertaken.

To date, we have trained over 50,000 students and we are also the first children enrichment centre in the world to obtain the ISO 9002 certification.

We are proud to have made an impact in our students’ life so much so that we have been tasked to undertake the training of their children too.

The E&P Difference

What does it mean to you seeing your child achieving excellence in school, work and play?

It is every parent’s dream to have a well-behaved, academically inclined and successful child, but what you want may be different from what you get. We say, this can be achieve and we have proven our methods worked since our establishment.

At E&P Learning Place, we do not just offer programmes to impart skills and knowledge, we also emphasise on cultivating values of diligence, hard work and perseverance. We take pride in offering a holistic, ability-based blended learning approach for our learners.

Psychology is incorporated in our learning solutions and we work closely with parents to ensure the overall learning environment is conducive. This has a direct influence and impact on our learner’s academic and character development. You will find that our close engagement will instil a sense of ownership and motivation for lifelong learning with your child.

We value all relationships built and our partnership with parents and students are so long lasting that our graduates have enrolled their children in the same programmes. With the strong support from our learners and peers, we look forward to training our third generation learners.

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As the leader in learner-centric learning solutions in Southeast Asia, we are:

  • The first children enrichment centre in the world to obtain the ISO 9002 certification (ISO 9002).
  • The first to be accredited a qualified Abacus & Mental Arithmetic training centre by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Singapore.
  • Our founder, Ms Amanda Lian also served as the advisor to MOE in the establishment of their abacus accreditation system.
  • The first representative recognised by the International Abacus Association in Southeast Asia.
  • The official host of 18 competitive events with a total of about 31,000 participants from countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia, making them the largest in scale of such events in Singapore.
  • We have the most comprehensive suite of psychological assessment tools in Singapore (excluding MOE and hospitals).
  • Conducted psychological assessments for over 3,000 students since 2000.
  • A member of the Taiwan Guidance and Counselling Association, Taiwan Sandplay Therapy Association, American Psychology Association, American Education Research Association and World Council for Gifted & Talented Children.
  • Over 50,000 students trained since 1991.
Winning Outcomes

We play an active role in realising the potentials of our learners, staff, partners and franchisees. If you would like to know more about how we can achieve winning outcomes together, feel free to email us, indicating your area of interest in the subject heading.

We offer trial lessons for children for our M.Arithmetic™, Braineee™, and SMART+Maths™ programmes. Contact us for your preferred class timing schedule!